180 DOF

Blog Post created by rollercoaster831 Champion on Dec 18, 2017

I am FREE - 180 Days, 4,329 Hours, 259,767 Minutes, 15,586,084 Seconds (Give or Take)!!!


My health:

My circulation should be greatly improved.  The same is true for the texture and color of my gums.

Any coughing and wheezing has improved by 100%.  The weird thing is that I never really had ANY coughing and my lungs sounded great with no wheezing!


Money saved so far:  A little over $2,111 (and I am actually putting this money into a savings account for a rainy day).


Cigarettes NOT smoked:  5,412


Life regained (in days):  45


Time spent NOT smoking (days):  18


Cravings - On a rare occasion, I have a had a craving which is more like a passing thought.  I know the craving is not from the nicotine itself; that is long gone out of my body.  The craving is a psychological craving; a memory or situation where I would have a sickarette.  I know to watch out for them and how to recognize them.  I am creating new, non-smoking memories now.


What keeps me strong is positive self-talk.  I tell myself I don't do that anymore!  NOPE.  SINAO.  One step and then another will get you where you want to be.


I don't EVER want to go back to Day ONE!  I don't ever want to lose all of these days WON I have built up and start over!  It really does work.  The thing is, these are passing thoughts and don't occupy too much of my time, but when they hit, I am not caught off-guard per se, but bothered these thoughts even enter my head.


Weight Lost since quitting:  15 pounds!  I got my eating back on track and have begun to exercise more.  I am lifting weights and working out 3x per week.