More cravings than ever...

Blog Post created by rollercoaster831 Champion on Dec 11, 2017

As of today, I have 173 DOF.  As of the past week or so, I have had more "cravings" than I have had in a very very long time, if not ever during this quit.


I think it may be the added stress of the holidays.  It may be the first holidays in a very long time of being smoke and nicotine free.  It really doesn't matter.  It just is and I am very aware of it and need to continue to read, read, and read some more.  I am ok.  I have not and will not cave to the crave.


I don't think...scratch that.  I know the craving is not for nicotine.  It isn't a physical craving for the drug.  That is long gone out of my system.  I believe it is a psychological crave and that is sometime more dangerous.


The good news is I am aware of it.  I am keeping my quit precious.  I am getting through these cravings and believe I will make it through this time.  I've been reading old blogs from our wise Elders and Larry, the Caravan Master, has helped me stay away from Desolation Point and  Relapse Rocks.  


I want to make it to 180 days and then onto the 6% club.  I will be part of the 6%.


Don't ever take a quit for granted because you never know when a slip may hit because it comes when you least expect it and catches you off-guard.


Onward, upwards, and stacking those DOF!




I don't do that anymore!

One step and then another will get you where you want to be.