Not getting caught in NML - Staying Quit

Blog Post created by rollercoaster831 Champion on Oct 10, 2017

I don’t want to get caught in NML.  I’ve seen a few in NML slip up and smoke.  It makes me both sad and scared because I know I could be that person who relapses.  I spent a lot of time thinking yesterday how I can keep this quit precious and ensure it is my forever quit.  I wanted to write out the things that help me keep this quit precious.


Keep my quit precious and be vigilant - I am very well aware I am one puff away from a slip.  I tell myself NOPE on a daily basis when I take the daily pledge.  I keep my guard up and am ready to tell myself SINAO if I try to rationalize a cigarette.

It’s funny.  The other day I mentioned I think about smoking or really, not smoking daily.  I think this is a good thing and I might get worried if I didn’t think about not smoking daily.  By thinking of not smoking, I am being vigilant and keeping my quit precious.


Remembering my Why – I made a list of 100 reasons to quit smoking.  I can take list out every so often and add to it or change it, but at the end of the day, it lists my WHY.  I won’t forget there are many reasons to stay quit, but not a single one to smoke again.


Crave busting technique - Somewhere in my past I heard a craving lasts 7 seconds.  I am aware a craving can hit anytime and could throw me for a loop if I do get one since I typically haven’t had one in a long while.  I tell myself I can wait 7 seconds for this to pass.  If it feels like longer than 7 seconds, I tell myself each craving lasts 7 seconds and I am just have a few in a row.  I can get through this…..7 seconds at a time.  I don’t do this anymore!  This feeling will pass!


Healthy Lifestyle - I am beginning to exercise more regularly again and I am eating better.  In turn, I feel better and want to become healthier and smoking is certainly NOT a healthy thing to do! 


Rewards - I am proud I am an ex-smoker!  Since I stopped smoking, I vowed to save that money and reward myself with what I saved.  I just hired a personal trainer with some of the money I saved and I have a vacation planned with my family this coming March which is being paid for (in part) with funds I didn’t spent on smokes.

Support and ask for help - I think the most important thing I have done is to come to the Become an EX site and Community boards.  The experience, strength, and hope of the members is invaluable.  When I need help, I can ask for it and many will jump to assist.  I think the biggest driver to a successful quit is support.


I don’t ever want to go back to Day One!