Completely Forgot

Blog Post created by rollercoaster831 Champion on Aug 4, 2017

We are going on vacation in 12 days.  It is a cruise and while we are not a "cruising family", this is a way for us to actually get some R&R on vacation.  My son has autism and we are traveling with a group called Autism on the Seas.  They provide staff and a bunch of services so we can actually enjoy a vacation.


Anyway, we also cruised last year and made some friends that also traveled in the group.  One of these families is traveling again this year and I am very excited!  However, I completely forgot they smoke.  Until now, I haven't been around anyone who smokes.  I was the last smoker of the group (for lack of a better word).  


I am comfortable in my new freedom, but nervous since this will be the first time I will have exposure to friends who smoke and could possibly be around them while they are smoking.  I know what to do.  I know what I will need to do.  I may just have to not hang out with them in certain venues.  I feel better already just writing this out and being aware it can be a trigger for me (trigger for a craving/habit, but not to smoke).


It also got me thinking about the new found freedom and lack of worrying while traveling I will have since I don't smoke anymore!  Who cares if a flight is delayed.  I don't NEED to smoke and I will not be freaking out because I can't smoke in the airport or on a plane!  I won't need to worry about smoking in a non-smoking hotel room or in a rental car.  I won't be worrying about how long until I can have that next smoke because that world is gone and I have a new found freedom!