It snuck up on me...

Blog Post created by rollercoaster831 Champion on Aug 2, 2017

I just got this text:

BecomeanEx:  Congratulations!  After 6 weeks, you are finishing the EX Text Program!  Re-enroll anytime by texting back a quit date.  Keep the quit & good luck!


I didn't realize today was 6 WEEKS!!!  Sure....I know 42 DOF, but it didn't occur to me 42 days was 6 WEEKS!!!  


I'm happy and bummed.  I liked getting little texts every day or so...I think the texts should keep coming all through NML!


Some quick stats:

I am FREE - 42 Days, 1,024 Hours, 61,450 Minutes, 3,687,100 Seconds (Give or Take)!!!


My health:

In 1 month and 16 more days, my circulation should be greatly improved.  As of now, it has improved by 47%.  The same is true for the texture and color of my gums.

Any coughing and wheezing has improved by roughly 30% so far.  The weird thing is that I never really had ANY coughing and my lungs sounded great with no wheezing!


Money saved so far:  A little over $499 (and I am actually putting this money into a savings account for a rainy day).


Cigarettes NOT smoked:  1,280


Life regained (in days):  10


Time spent NOT smoking (days):  4

Cravings - I haven't really had any, but know to watch out for them.  I think I have more habitual thoughts than true cravings.


Weight Lost since quitting:  NONE!