Now I get it....NML

Blog Post created by rollercoaster831 Champion on Jul 31, 2017

All is good.  All is great, actually!  I haven't had a craving in weeks.  I haven't thought much about smoking in weeks.  I had a moment yesterday and finally understood this thing called NML where the thought of having a cigarette comes out at you from the blue!  I actually had a split second moment of panic followed by laughter!


I had just finished prepping food and getting a lot of things ready for the week.  It was almost 1PM and I was hungry for lunch, but wanted to get all the prep work done first.  After the prep was done, I hit me...I was getting ready to reward myself and "relax" by having a cigarette before heating up my lunch.  Of course, I did not.  This honestly was a quick moment of thought, but my husband noticed the pause and asked me what was wrong.  


I told him I was having a thought of a cigarette and smiled at him and said there is no way that will happen!  Then I laughed.  After weeks, I had a thought.  This was not a craving at all.  Just a thought.  An old habit because I would do this in the past.  I was going to "reward" myself with a smoke because I got a ton of stuff done.  I was going to "relax".  


NML.  Yep.  I get it now.  I am protecting this quit.  I can laugh at the thought.  I am aware it can happen.  I am grateful it didn't.  I am hopeful and determined it won't.


Everyone needs to read No Mans Land Days 30 to 130 (approximate) BEFORE they get to NML.  It is helpful.  It is vital to protecting your quit.