Holy Massive Update Batman!

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1 Month and 3 days being an Ex-Smoker!  Surgery Update!  Hospital Admission! OH MY!!!  Very long blog post below!


I am FREE - 34 Days, 827 Hours, 49,662 Minutes, 2,979,750 Seconds (Give or Take)!!!


My health:

In 1 month and 24 more days, my circulation should be greatly improved.  As of now, it has improved by 38%.  The same is true for the texture and color of my gums.

Any coughing and wheezing has improved by roughly 24% so far.  The weird thing is that I never really had ANY coughing and my lungs sounded great with no wheezing!


Money saved so far:  A little over $400 (and I am actually putting this money into a savings account for a rainy day).


Cigarettes NOT smoked:  1,034


Life regained (in days):  8


Time spent NOT smoking (days):  3

Cravings - I haven't really had any, but know to watch out for them.  I think I have more habitual thoughts than true cravings.


Weight Gained since quitting:  NONE!  In fact, I am losing and will change this to total weight lost since quitting for the next check-in. 



I had surgery for the fifth time since Sept. 2016 on July 15 to deal with a recurring abscess and infection.  A wound vac was being used this time and the surgery itself went just fine.  It was day surgery and I went home to re-cooperate.  The wound vac dressing gets changed three times every week.  My daughter named my wound vac "Drac" (short for Dracula) since it is supposed to suck out all of the yucky stuff and help close the open wound.  Sure enough, after one week, the wound closed to about 1cm by 1cm and the surgeon was happy so I got rid of Drac last Friday.  We are letting the remaining wound close and it looks to be healing well.


I will say the BEST past of surgery was being able to say I hadn't had a cigarette or nicotine in the past 30 days when asked by the hospital.   It was such an amazing feeling and I was so proud!



What?!  Well, this was a true twist in the past week.  After surgery, I was doing ok.  I was given an antibiotic to take post-surgery and pain medication.  Since I went under general anesthesia, I was intubated during surgery which means a tube is placed down your throat and into your lungs to help you breathe.  You can sometimes suffer from a scratchy throat for a couple of days post surgery.  I didn't have too bad of a scratchy throat, but my throat started truly hurting the Monday after surgery.  My throat was getting worse after surgery and not better.  I went to an urgent or immediate care place on Tuesday morning and the doctor there did not see evidence of any infection, noted I was on an antibiotic which would kill things like strep or other infections and gave me an antiseptic and numbing prescription to swish.  OK.  I go home.  By Thursday, my throat was worse AND now my ears were killing me like I had an ear infection.  I called my regular primary care doctor and he was able to see me.  


He looked at my throat and saw that I developed thrush (pretty common if you are intubated) and I had a double ear infection!  The ear infection stumped everyone because I was already on the antibiotic that would be give FOR an ear infection anyway.  My Dr. prescribed Nystatin for my thrush and said to call him in a couple of days if I was not better.


Do you see where this is going?


Two days later, on Saturday, I call my Dr. back at 8:30AM.  I had been up since 3AM in all kinds of pain from my ears and almost went to the ER overnight, but convinced myself to wait for the Dr. (and the kids were sleeping and we cannot leave them at home by themselves yet).  My Dr. said to come into the office as soon as I could get there.  To keep this on the shorter side, my Dr. called the hospital to see if there was a bed available and I was admitted to the hospital Saturday.  An ENT was called in for a consult and all sorts of steroids and pain meds were given.  I was released yesterday evening feeling MUCH better and on all sorts of new antibiotics and steroids to help with the ear infection.  I have loads of follow up appointments.  The original antibiotic didn't work because the ENT says I have a bacteria which isn't covered by the original antibiotic and this sometimes can happen.


So I am on the road to recovery.  It's weird since my health is WORSE since quitting the sickarettes (Love that term), but I know this is hogwash.  My recovery would take longer and I am thrilled to tell people I don't smoke.


All is good!  I missed this community so much, but please know I was thinking of many of you daily and can't wait to have some more time to catch up and READ READ READ!!!


Staying free and LOVING IT!!!


Entering NML and ready to take it on!!!