6 days into quit

Blog Post created by rockngrohl on Aug 14, 2020

Hello everyone!


Sorry I haven’t been on but it’s been pretty crazy. With all the schools deciding whether or not to do in person or virtual this week and I’m just finding out about what I’m expected to do for my job in the school that I work in, I haven’t had time to even login.


Thank you to everyone that gave me the advice to read Allen Carr’s book the Easy Way toQuit.   It was so very helpful, I was actually looking forward to quitting by the end of it. I really feel like it was able to keep me on track the first day and the following.


today is day number six and I have to say today has been harder than the previous days. Like I said things are stressful right now with work and my kids and family life. It’s just that gnawing sensation that there’s something missing or something that I should be doing.  BeingBusy makes it hard to be able to focus on what I need to do in those moments in a mindful way.  

Anybody else struggling today?