1000 days today

Blog Post created by robertclark302 on Feb 27, 2019

I knew this day was coming for awhile.  I even put it in my calendar so I wouldn't forget.  However, wouldn't you know it, I was still surprised when the notification went off on my phone and had to check it again.  Sure enough 1000 glorious days of being smoke free!  1000 days without the night coughing!  1000 days without that stinky smell on my fingers, hands, clothing, hair and breath!


I would like to thank everyone who helped me get to this point; all of you who have provided words of encouragement and wisdom.  Thank you.  Today I will be re-reading my old blogs to remember the struggle, the ups and downs, and the journey to get to this point.  So here is to many more 1000 days in my future.