Why we count the days........

Blog Post created by robertclark302 on Dec 4, 2017

My wife recently asked me how come I know almost the exact number of days since my quit?  How come I am almost always within a day or two when I guess?  How come I can rattle of my quit date as if it was my own birthday?  For someone who has never smoked, she just doesn't understand the importance that this day means to me.    This date, while, nonchalantly circled on our calendars or marked and highlighted on our phones, as if we needed to be reminded, holds that special relevance as only given to such few dates on the calendar; such as 9/11, Christmas, and anniversaries.


To me, and I am sure to many of you, this day marks a rebirth in our lives.  A date that only servers to remind us that what we once believed was impossible, was possible.  For me, as a Christian, it also serves as a Biblical reminder that through God all things are possible.  So we take a moment.  We pause and reflect upon the struggles early on in our quit.  We remember that with every new craving, every trigger the old saying "Even this too shall pass," rings true.  It gives us courage and strength to head into the future where new uncharted triggers and cravings we have not experienced in months, sometimes years pop up out of nowhere.  Soon, such cravings or triggers will subside, as even this too shall pass, and we realize once again that we are stronger than we think, and as always, through God all things are possible.


Today marks over a year and half on my journey to be the new me and while the journey has not been easy it has been worth every step.  Recently I was reminded that when we ask God for strength we are given troubles to build our strength.  Like the farmer who wishes to have his crops grow, we must expect and appreciate the rain and sometimes storms.  However, in the end we reap what we sow, and hopefully that is a health, stronger quit.


For all of those new in your quit, I wish I could tell you it will be a smooth and easy journey.  However, the truth is it won't be and in all honesty I hope it is not for you.  As I sit here today, I am dealing with issues that would have crippled my quit in the early stages.  A crumbling business, working 2 sometimes 3 jobs, going days without seeing my little girls, living on 3 or 4 hours a sleep a day, sometimes two or three days, and a marriage that is showing the effects of too many hours apart and not enough money.  Not to mention the fact that I cannot hold back the sands of time as every day I find myself a little bit older with thoughts of if you only smoked again you could lose those 15 extra pounds, be able to go on no sleep, and all those life stressors would go away.  However, the strength I gained from earlier in my quit will serve me well for these new triggers.  More importantly, I know that even this too shall pass, that I am stronger than I think, and through God all things are possible.