10 Hours and Counting...

Blog Post created by rgr2018 on Dec 31, 2018

Tomorrow, 1/1/19, is my quit date so at a minute past midnight I’m hoping to say I am a non-smoker…not one puff ever.  This all sounds good, but as I sit here thinking about it I find myself getting more and more nervous that I won’t be able to follow through. For two months now I have been reading everything, on this website and others, preparing to quit.  I’ve been on Chantix full strength for 2 weeks and I’ve got the patches ready to put on. (Do I put it on at bedtime tonight or in the morning?)  So, it would seem I have all the tools to quit, but the nerves and butterflies I have as well.  How do I get rid of them and feel that I can do this?  This is my 1st serious quit and it has been many years too long in coming.  Thanks in advance for your help.  Best regards, Rosemary