24 Nov 2020

Blog Post created by redpepper on Nov 24, 2020

Woot! Woot! 


Up early this AM--the way I like it when I'm at my best. Feeling positive. Today will be great. I'm sure of it. Already suited up. Walked our first .8 mi of the day. 37 degrees. But yay! Happy dog = happy momma.  Ready to get some work for work done. Finally. Yay! I feel ya'll's support. I truly do. I T.R.U.L.Y do. 


I'm sliding by to say hi to ya'll. I hope everyone has a blissful, COVID-free day. Sending my positive thoughts for uplift to those who are suffering today. 


Let us all remain smoke free on this day-- and going forward. 


PS When does the never-ending sinus drainage finally end? Goodness gracious. I'm eager for my cilia to grow back (?) recover(?). Sorry if this is TMI. I am sure someone out there can relate and might even be having a laugh at this question. 


Send news of your smoke-free day. I'm interested! Freedom feels quite nice, doesn't it?!


((((((()))))))  all around 


Thank You For Not Smoking.