Mercy, Day Three

Blog Post created by redpepper on Oct 21, 2020

Goodness. Thank goodness for people. Thank goodness for yall. Thank goodness I didnt smoke today. Thank goodness I am still willing.


I just read my blog posts from 2018. One of many, many past "quits." Sigh. 


I worked on more of "stay busy" today and less sofa time. After three hours of pure 'busy', craving hit hard. Thought was: Oh! Time for a reward! Isnt that the most insane, backwards-assed thing ever? Reward myself w a cigarette?!?! No way! That's punishment, not reward. Duh! I have noted the trigger, though. Trigger: accomplish something, wants reward. New thinking (trying): Accomplished something. Yay! Hug myself. Smile. Breathe. Look in the mirror, lovingly. Share a kindness. Give. 


Me: No kids here. No significant other. A dog, my only child. And not much family to speak of. And even before COVID, I worked mostly (94%) at home. So if I seem chatty, it is because of ...well, you get the point. 


Anyway. I didnt smoke today. 


Thanks for being here, yall. And Thank You For Not Smoking!!!