Another day, another six dollars saved

Blog Post created by redpepper on Jul 27, 2018

Made it through yesterday, thanks to yall. Sorry I repeat posted. Read the rules. It was an accident. Trying to fix now. Doing most of this via cell phone. Anyway, it's 3:52pm Friday here. And today has been alright. After all my reaching out and reading here yesterday, I went and climbed stadium steps up and down. Top to bottom. Five times. Walked to stadium. And home. Then walked to bookstore to look for paper, old school copy of Carr''s book. Took myself out to eat on walk home. Downloaded book off of here later. Pdf file. Read until he says to smoke until finished with book. Then I went to bed. Today has been okay. Court went the way it needed to. I felt sad. But it's over now. I'm home safe and smober. Love yall. Don't smoke, folks. You don't, I won't. Cheers! --RP