The Day I Quit: 4 July 2018

Blog Post created by redpepper on Jul 6, 2018

Hello All. 


I just read Mark's congratulatory remarks. My quit date was 4 July. I declare independence from cigarettes! It's been okay so far. I quit at exactly 11:57pm on July 3. So I guess I will call that a little bit over 48 hours at this point. Yahoo! 

I haven't posted or hardly read on this site since quit morning because I've been mostly jumping around (sarcasm) like a jumping bean. I can't seem to be still without wanting to smoke, smoke, smoke. I am chewing nic gum, too. For now. I thought about cold turkey, but I got scared. 


Thanks for any support you may have to offer. I am doing this! 

MelodyEve: I sure would like to hear from you. How are you doing? Let's be buddies! No smoking!  MelodyEve