My 2 grandchild has arrived!!! My cutie pie Mikaela Ruth!!! 

Blog Post created by ralphaguilar16 on Oct 20, 2019

Hello my EX community family,

It's been a crazy 2 months for me on August 3rd 2019 my grandson Layne Thomas was born and a couple days ago on October 15th 2019 my granddaughter Mikaela Ruth was born I have been on baby bliss for the past 2 months! So now that all the commotion of the two babies being born the planing starts for me Grandpa Ralph to officially meet my two grand babies! So with one child of mine living in Washington State and the other child living in Texas pretty soon I will be going to Washington and Texas even though I am so happy and excited to go meet the grand babies I also have very high anxiety over the whole thing even though am still going strong since  my Quit and I have not smoked since my Quit date witch is 1-1-2018 this whole thing of grand babies being born did bring some urges here and there but at the same time these two grand babies of mine are going to keep me grounded to keep fighting to stay smoke free!!! #NoStinkyGrandpaForThem#