18 months smoke free!!!☺

Blog Post created by ralphaguilar16 on Jun 7, 2019

Hello my Ex family,

I am still going strong I have reached the 18 month mark of being smoke free!!! Sorry I have been a little MIA lately on this site...2019 has really made me sit down and reflect on my life and why 18 months ago was so important for me to make that decision to quit smoking because God was preparing me in advance for 2019 this year my son gave me the news that I will become a Grandpa to a grandson in August 2019 my first grand child and two weeks later I receive the news from my daughter that she as well is expecting and I will become a Grandpa again to a granddaughter coming in November 2019...A Grandson and a Granddaughter this year wow I'm so happy and emotional right now I am literally shaking right now writing this update for you guys  I understand why now 18 months ago was so important and the best decision that I made to quit smoking...now I can enjoy my two bundles of joy smoke free!!!And my kids tell me jokingly so Dad it took the grandkids coming for you to give up smoking for good!!! So that's a little update on me I hope you all are doing well and working your programs to stay smoke free have a wonderful weekend.