Quit Date Tomorrow

Blog Post created by radio_rachel on Jul 14, 2020

Here I am, about to try to quit once again! My name is Rachel. I have smoked for roughly 25 years. Usually I’ve been a light smoker and a number of times I’ve quit for a few months. Right now I smoke about 5 a day. I’m going to use the patch to lessen the withdrawal and help with the process. I imagine myself as a non-smoker being physically active, eating super healthy foods, having more energy, and having better skin. I turn 40 in 3 months and I want to be smoke free when that happens. I am starting the process of going back to school to pursue a masters degree and I feel like I need to take my health seriously. A new career will be demanding and I want to be as fit for it as possible. I also hate smoking, I’m just used to it and addicted. I always feel so much better after even a few weeks smoke free. I just need to stop going back to it during stressful times. My motivations include having a new career, eventually having a family, being physically strong and healthy, and wanting to enjoy my life more & more as I age.


i can do this, but I need support. Thanks for reading!