Eliminating one today

Blog Post created by r.molina on Nov 18, 2017

Today my goal is to forgo my cigarette on my break. I am going to spend that time talking with a co-worker instead.


Now that I am not drowsy constantly from not smoking I feel confident to eliminate one more from my day. I went from 15 to around 11 then 9 then 5.


I learned that there is a neurotransmitter that keeps you alert and focused. Nicotine disrupts the production of this neurotransmitter until it is basically no longer produced.


It has built up enough now that I can stay awake and not nap for 3 hours when I get home from work and then sleep for 9 more hours.


I am enlisting the help of my boyfriend to help me cut down further. I am going to have him ask me if the urge to smoke is light. If it is, I asked him to ask me what else I can do besides smoke. I believe this will be a big help.


I am also going to mark on my calendar days in which I successfully cut down or resisted an urge. It will be encouraging to see the progress I am making.