Meet Butts and Ashes

Blog Post created by puffthemagicdragon on Nov 16, 2017

Please allow me to introduce you to the newest members of our family:  Butts and Ashes.




This is Butts and Ashes peeking out of their ashtray.



I took this picture tonight.  Ashes is watching Butts chew a rock.  Yes.  A rock.  I didn't say they were smart.



Butts ...



... and Ashes.


The best part!  I have sole, physical custody of them.  I adopted them for my kids.  They wanted a puppy O' So Badly. I finally gave in.  Butts is my daughter's puppy.  She calls him Blizzard.  Ashes is my son's.  He calls his Midnight.  They were born August 4th, 2017, which makes them about fourteen weeks old.  I am enjoying baby sitting them when my kids are away.  Butts is a chewer.  Any tips for breaking him of that are greatly appreciated.  Both are working on potty training. So far so 'not' good.  They know to go outside, but they don't know to not go inside too.


Thought I would share them with you, my friends.  Despite my pet names for them, neither one smokes.  Dog breath is bad enough.  Smoker dog breath would be just too much.


Be well!  Be happy!  Be free!