73 DOF  and No Man's Land Challenges

Blog Post created by princessdeborahd on Aug 20, 2018

#Hi Everyone...I've made it 73 days with major struggles the last few weeks. I had some emotions come up that I haven't dealt with since I quit smoking. My depression was triggered and I was hanging on for dear life.  The just one thought kept going through my was unbearable!!! I got in my car...drove the 2 miles down the dirt road to the only gas station around for miles.  Yes...I bought a pack of cigarrettes!  Opened it up...took out a smoke and just looked at it and broke down crying. I left them in the giant ashtray and headed back home. My addiction was in full swing...I wanted to go back and get them...that thought was consuming me.  I thank God For Ellen elvan .  We've been communicating and she helped get through the rough times.  My depression was really bad and the cravings coming at me hard.  So I took off on a 2 hour drive to visit my best friends, who are ex-smokers.  I stayed a week...we made a tablets, No computers.  My mood lifted immediately!  I miss them so much and hadn't seen them in 8 months. I'm back home today and am here getting back to basics.  Re-reading Allen Carr's book.   Here reading blogs and watching videos.  I had an extremely close call..but am making it through today one minute at a time.

Deb 73 DOF