I can't stop crying...I need help!

Blog Post created by princessdeborahd on Jun 17, 2018

I am facing a major emotional trigger right now!!!   Like I've said before, I was sneaking around smoking and hiding from my husband...  we had a rough day yesterday and I said to him "I made it through without smoking!!" He asked me  "how long has it been?  A year?"  I was honest and said 8 days....he started laughing and got sarcastic with me...he was pissed, I don't blame him. He kept saying he should have known and basically was telling me I'll never make it I told him that I was sorry that I was an addict to nicotine, but this time I feel different! This time I'm done.  I told him I needed his support and he hasn't said one word to me.  He won't talk to me and I can't stop crying.  I'm trying to be positive but all I want to do is go down to the clubhouse and smoke on the patio!!  HELP!

Deborah 9 DOF