Week 2 preparation

Blog Post created by pongaselo on Apr 10, 2017

So week one was focused on my two biggest triggers, TV and the computer. No smoking during those activities and waiting 15 minutes after getting up, all meals and beverages. I actually found myself sitting down after lighting a cigarette in front of the TV like autopilot. I also noticed that my sense of smell and taste are coming back.

  As week two starts up, I have added driving and anywhere in the house or on the phone. Time after meals has increased to 30 minutes. If I can manage this, I feel like I can really stop and not have to go through the routine again. Just knowing that there are others trying to quit as well and supporting one another is very encouraging. I feel like I sort of need a kick in the pants about now as I am rearranging my life to accommodate the restrictions that I have set up to help me detox. That is the insidious side of the addiction at work and reminds me of just how addictive nicotine really is. People say, "all you have to do is stop" like that takes care of the triggers and routines no problem. If it were that easy, none of us would have to bother with this community. All I know is that you have to be vigilant and pay attention to what you are doing if you want to succeed and it takes work and support.