Blog Post created by pmt on Nov 24, 2020

Nice day, chilly mornin' 29.  Warmed up briefly to about 50, long enough to get a couple hours on the pony.  Skylar soooo loves to go riding.  Fired up my winter morning exercise activity a couple days ago, sure helps to get these ole muscles and bones a moven'.  Its nothing extreme, but sure helps.   Spent a couple hours meandering through the EX site tonight.  What an amazing amount of information is available for us.  Big Thank You to you all for all the information, links to information, knowledge and support that is here at our finger tips!  Every time I go exploring I seem to find something new, or who knows maybe I just forgot I'd already discovered it.    

Anyway Day 6 is a wrap!   Sure been craving chocolate a lot lately.


pmt  6 DOF and counting!