Blog Post created by pmt on Sep 12, 2020

Since 2/18/20 smoke free.  Life has been a whirlwind, but really, who's hasn't been??  So many things happening in our lives, but they will be happening regardless if I smoke or not.  So I choose NOT.  Currently surrounded with Northern CA wildfires since Aug. 15th.  Pretty much under house arrest cuz of the terrible smoke.  Skylar is bouncing off the walls with built up energy, Paris has turned into a pasture ornament that I can barely see from the house.  There has been a couple of days that the wind blew the smoke out and we hit the door at a run to get a pony ride in.  Downside, the wind sent the fire in a raging blaze threw neighboring communities taking lives and structures.  Why?  What do we do..........cry, pick up the pieces, allow time to help mend our hearts and push forward.

I hope my note finds all you EX Supporters doing well.  I had been popping in and reading on occasion, getting my EX fix :-)