Blog Post created by pmt on Mar 9, 2020

I'm a tooten' my own horn @ day 21 today.   Sooo pleased to be at this point.  Thankful that week 3 was easier than week 1 & 2.   Don't want to be back there again.   Such a struggle when you have to start over, gotta keep strong.  Gotta make sure that I keep my focus and the desire to quit on the top of my list.


Yesterday when Skylar and I were out for a walk I made it to the top of the hill without heavy breathing and no rest stops.  Been waiting for that day!  Also noticed one night while laying in bed on my back that my chest felt lighter, that brought me joy!  Still having problems sleeping, but in time that will get better.  I wake-up almost every night between 12 - 3, then I lay there thinking, if I had a cigarette I'd be out on the deck puffen' away, it never did put me to sleep, so why???


Happy Stats -  21 days @ $10  =  $210  Hmmmmm, I'm just gonna let this keep accumulating.

Healthy Stats -  Feelen' better every day!!!


A Big Thank You to all you dedicated Exers out there, your being there is helping me get there.