Really Good Day!

Blog Post created by pmt on Feb 20, 2020

#3     YEAH!


Day started out great.  Had Dr. appointment to review results from my CT Scan.  Of course I've been nervous for 2 weeks waiting for this follow up appointment.  Everything looked fine except my spinal problems which we have been aware of for 6 years and I just deal with it.  I'm not gonna stop doing what I enjoy until I just flat can't do it.  Oh my, I sound so much like my mother :-)   

Anyway did my typical piddle around projects, Skylar and I took our hike and noticed it was little easier climbing the hills today.  I'm looking forward to that improvement!

Leaving tomorrow to go visit my kids and grandsons for a couple days, looking forward to it.

Ya'll have a good night and I'll see  ya in the mornin'.


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