Day 29 And Crossing My Fingers

Blog Post created by pmt on Aug 15, 2019

Hi Group!  The last 7-9 days have been tough.  Nothing goes easy and being without internet really made life tougher.  Couldn't even log in and express all my woes. 


 But on the upside, Skylark is just as cute as ever, growing like a weed, man can she eat.  Potty training is still a work in progress, but she will sit and stay on request. 


Having a tough time trying to get myself motivated to do anything.  Feel like I'm in a deep hole and have no energy to pull myself out.  I'm typically an active, positive, upbeat person, so I don't like this space I'm in.   I did do a little internet research a few minutes ago on healthy lifestyle / eating habits.  Of course they all say, Get Up And Move Your A_ _, I know that.  Someone please give me a shove :-)    Found an interesting utube on Green Drink, the gal did an excellent job providing information and pros and cons of what greens & fruit to use or not and why.  Tomorrow I'll take my ingredient list to the store and get that much done.

One more thing, got on Chantix 4 days ago, hope it helps me keep this quit.  It'll be a few more days before I think it kicks in.  I don't want to lose this quit!!