TWENTY and  counting!

Blog Post created by pmt on Aug 6, 2019

Evening all, hope all you non smokers are doing well.  Moving forward here one day at a time.  Had an excellent nights sleep last night.  I woke this morning feeling amazingly good.  No aches and pains when getting out of bed, whats with that, I always ache, BUT I'll TAKE IT!  Hmmm wonder what tomorrow mornin' will be like?    Any way it was a very good day hardly any cravings.  I went for a ride with some girl friends and we had a wonderful time.  It felt good to chat and laugh.  Heading out of town tomorrow to take care of some of moms affairs and I will also be critter sitting for my oldest daughters animals for 5 days.  I'll be in touch,  Gnight friends,


p.s. Skylar is doing just fine  :-)