Tomorrow is my big day! 

Blog Post created by pmt on Apr 20, 2019

Tomorrow is my Quit Day.  Been prepping for this day for a few weeks.  Reading everything I can find.  After 50 years, which included a few brief non smoking times, it's time to do it again.  Looking forward to reading and communicating with you all on this super site.  This morning I informed my daughters that tomorrow is my day, they are thrilled and my biggest supporters.  Telling them...for me was like signing a contract....I gotta give it my all.  I also believe that I need to focus on all the benefits I can regain, better health, it's never too late to quit and get healthier than I am right now.  Positive Thoughts are where I need to keep my head.  I am fairly physically active but plan to increase this as well.  Looking forward to joining all you EX's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   pmt #