oh, what a time

Blog Post created by plug66 on May 26, 2017

meeting and greeting everyone was so many amazing people, a welcome relief after a nightmare of a ride,but Sharon got us through it with flying colors. Traffic and detours played havoc with our drive, but we got there safe and sound...meeting all of you amazing people made it a trip worthwhile. With my back and legs in bad shape, I really should have cancelled, but I am glad I went....sure hope that I will be more mobile the next time we meet. Got to say that it warmed my heart to find out that everyone was willing to help out with my repair bill for the car.....that is what friendship is all all are the best....amazing planning by streudel. sky, and Mich......job very well done, i took 2 of those little things you gave head felt like it weighed 90 pounds....could not hold it up lol .... it was great to put faces to the names....jackie.....the sweater was soooooo warm..ty well, till we meet you all and take care