No more "COMFORTS"

Blog Post created by pita6014 on Apr 13, 2017

I gotta tell ya...I have no idea how I even found this site. I was cruising around the web one day, landed on this site and thought, "what the heck, maybe I need this and don't know it yet".


So here I is:D


When I quit smoking, it wasn't planned. It was the fourth time I had been sick in a 8 month time span. I remember going outside trying to smoke, and hacking my head off because my lungs just kept saying "no".


So, I quit. I came in the house pissed off, crying, and yelling because I was tired of being sick, and I can't even smoke! What an idiot I was for saying that.


I waited until I was done being sick before I made anymore changes, but the day I got better, I changed everything. I didn't want to become another statistic of gaining weight so I decided that I was going to change the way I eat as well. I gave up sugar, coffee, pop (oops, that's soda for some of you), drinking (this was easy, maybe only did it twice a year), starchy carbs, and quit eating meat for 2 months. Oh! And I cut 28 inches off hair of my head!  Not that that has any thing to do with my eating habits, but it helped when I weighed in! I'm kidding!!! LOL!  


Anyhoo...I realized one morning that I gave up all of my "comforts" in life. Not to worry though, I realize that they were all negatives anyway.  It's just that trying to replace all of these comforts is sometimes challenging.


Day-by-day, and sometimes minute-by-minute is my answer to dealing with a challenging day. I'm also happy to report that I haven't gained any weight, nor have I ate anyone's arm or killed anyone, so I'm good:D


Until we meet again