From Feb 7th, 2015

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Thoughts from a hospital room!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Feb 7, 2015

Early one evening, during my recent hospital stay, I was sitting on the edge of my bed and enjoying some rare solitude! In a hospital they always seem be in and out! I am not sure they want you to have any time to just think! My thoughts were barely broken by the lady from housekeeping! Of course I spoke, then went back to my thoughts while she cleaned the bathroom, emptied the trash, and used a wet mop on the floor! It was the same one she just used in the bathroom!


A lot of you know that I have a little rebel in me, so during my stay, for the most part, I was able to get away from wearing those color coded socks that they make you wear so everyone knows what kind of fall risk you are! So I am sitting on the bed barefoot, and as soon as the entire floor gets wet, my bladder says "Hey dad. It is time to empty me!". Of course!


Now, I don't want to get up and find my flip-flops, which, without a doubt, have been pushed under the bed with a wet mop! I am determined not to put on those damn socks! And, I am not going to walk barefoot through whatever the hell she had on that mop! If it is strong enough to clean floors in a hospital, I have no doubt that it will eat my feet to the ankles before I can make it to the bathroom door! So there is only one thing left to do!


I just sat on my bed and watched the floor dry! I have never really done that before, but I learned something! The whole floor does not go from wet, to damp, to dry! It dries in streaks! And that reminded me of the cravings that come after our quits! We don't go from craving a lot, to craving a less, to no craving at all! Cravings are like those streaks on the floor! They are drying up! Some streaks are longer than others! Some are wider than others! But if you just refuse to do anything to disrupt the process, the longer ones get shorter, the wide ones get narrower! Then some of them are gone! Then all of them are gone! I did nothing! I did not fan the sheets to try to hurry the process! I just sat there and watched!


The same thing applies to cravings! Acknowledge them, but do nothing! Sit still, and watch them! If you do nothing at all, the long ones will get shorther! The wider ones will narrow! Then some will be gone! Then all will be gone! Just do nothing! You do not have to try to make them go away! As  long as you do nothing they will go away! It is a natural thing! Just like a wet floor drying! Just sit still, and let time fix it for you!


If you should have a giant craving, and you just feel like you can't sit still, I suggest you mop the floor! Then watch it dry! Your craving will be gone, and your floor will be clean! WIN/WIN


Hope this make sense to someone besides me! If not I have an EXcuse! I am using drugs! (the ones that doctors said use)         Tommy