7 Years!!!!

Blog Post created by picaroon_corsair on Oct 25, 2019

Hard to believe it's been 7 years, they say at the 10-year mark your body will have mostly recovered from all of the damage done. There is one thing about my experience that I still regret to this day. In the years leading up to the day that I smoked my last cigarette, it was my wife who was pushing for me to quit. She never smoked or had any other kind of vice in her life and could not understand why it was so hard for me. I agreed to quit but I continued to smoke and went to great lengths to hide it from her. Because I knew there was not much I could do about the smell, I would always find ways to be away from her and ultimately away from my kids too. I lied over and over again, avoided going places with them so I could be alone to smoke. I did this for a couple of years and it's painful to think about it. So here is my best advice, be true to yourself, quit or don't quit, but be honest about it even under pressure from your family. They can be mad at you for continuing to smoke but they will still trust you. One day you will beat it and they will forget that they were mad at you. If you lie and they find out, that doesn't go away. By the way, I never think about smoking anymore, you can beat it, just keep trying.