Ticker-Tape, Telephones, and Bon-Bons

Blog Post created by petbo5 on May 25, 2017

I'm on day 25!  I haven't posted anything recently, but have been reading on here a lot.  Seems the ticker-tape in my head is faster than my typing skills and I succumb to the "all or nothing" phenomenon and write nothing.  While overall it's going pretty good in my quit, to my surprise I've noticed that one of my biggest triggers is talking on the phone.  In the past I loved nothing more than sitting and talking on the phone while chain smoking, by the end of the call I would be wheezing, coughing, and sporting a not-so-sexy hoarse voice.  Now I find myself hurriedly pacing the floor while on the phone engaging in conversation.  My anxiety (or excitement?) level goes way up and I have to calm myself down a bit after I hang up the phone.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it does cause a good bit of anxiety and confusion for my three dogs as they wait to see if mom is heading for the front door or their dinner bowls, oh the drama of it all!  So I'm learning to slow down, take a chair and a deep breath.  


So what about those Bon-Bons?  There is a Dutch bakery in my small town which sells an enormous selection of goodies in Bulk (among other things, I just haven't made it to those isles yet), now I know my love affair with sugar will have to be addressed at some point, in the mean time, they have these coconut Bon-Bons to die for!Not to mention the Circus Peanuts, Orange slices, Runts, dried candied pineapple and papaya slices (hey its fruit!), and chocolate covered sunflower seeds (seriously).  I could ramble on and on but I'll keep it sweet and simple instead