Next Big Test

Blog Post created by pcolaflorida on Jul 19, 2019

Hello everyone, my latest update is 18 days and 18 hours smoke free. This will be a short one as I am getting ready to wrap up the week of work and I am off on vacation next Monday-Thursday and off to Colorado with my wife. Life has been complicated for both of us for a bit so we need this time out to reevaluate items in our lives without the distractions of life! This is trip number three this year in an attempt to troubleshoot life and with the last two of no help (maybe even a step back) for either of us lets hope the third time's a charm. Whatever the verdict I am still not smoking so don't go that direction on me (lol). I am going to enjoy jumping on a plane and not worrying about a smoke or landing in Atlanta and running the glass room where everyone can see how crazy we are. I also got to report that this cough is kicking my butt! I am about 95% okay during the day but once I lay down at night I get that itch in the throat and i'm off to coughing. Once the morning hit's it's pretty nasty for the first 30 minutes getting that crap out of me but I guess it's the price I have to pay for 30 plus years of smoking. I have read the links others have provided and I guess it's the nicotine flu along with cleaning out the pipes or lungs. Would that recreational stuff in Colorado be cheating? I had to ask! So for now I am going to close and I hope I can get back with responses from all of you but until them take care and no more BUTTS!