Day Two

Blog Post created by pcolaflorida on Jul 2, 2019

its day two and I believe it may be a bit more difficult. The excitement of trying something new and not wanting to fail kept me motivated yesterday but today is another day. I feel as if the anxiety is a lot worse and I feel a little wired. A little more about day one (yes Im bragging), I actually stopped on Sunday at bedtime but Monday was the first full day. My wife still is smoking and it only bothered me a few times last night. Once time I even reached for a smoke when she lit up and I caught myself before touching it. The smoke still smells good but I smelled the garage this AM and it wasn't good. I finally told someone at work that I quite and he said good luck! My big test is coming tomorrow as I am driving up to see my mom. This is an 8 hour drive so it's one of those that I normally have a pack almost gone before arriving. I have already stocked up on seeds, cornnuts, cinnamon candy and gum. Once I arrive it will be fine as my moms dying of emphysema so I havent smoked around her for a bit. I always walk outside and do my business. My niece is also visiting and I haven't seen her kid yet and she hates smoke so this will be a good visit. I am going to close for now and finish my day. I am probably off the grid for a few days!