Week 5 and those sneaky thoughts

Blog Post created by patrick9 on Jul 4, 2018

So its been a fre days since i was on here.  Ive kept telling myself i need to log on and keep up the support system i know it will be an important part of my quit.


Ive got to 1 month smoke free in the past few days cold turkey. I know i should be proud of this but ive done it a few times before so i think its not a big deal. I also dont feel the hife benfits like i did the first time i made it to a month. Im sure they are there, i just need to stop and smell the roses and notice how much eaiser it is to breathe and how i have my sense of smell back.


What I have noticed the last day or two though is these sneaky little thoughts im having about smoking. They have happened on previous quits too and i feel by not adressing them at the time they may have been part of my downfall later on in those quit attempts.


They are fleeting but they are reminicising of being a smoker and thinking there were a few benefits to it. Little things like well it got me out of the office for a break and awat from the stress a few times a day. Or thinking of all the conversations Ive had or people ive met through previously being  smoker and staring up conversations while outside in a smoking area.


I know these are silly thoughts and really the adddiction just speaking but I also feel if i let them slide they lead down the road to oh well smoking now and then isnt that bad and thats whats destroyed my multiple preivous attempts.


So i remind myself again of the reasons i did quit, i come on here and express my thoughts and offload and I get through another day smoke free. I guess when you have done something for so many years your brain may need to conivince you that there was some rationale behind it, some benefit. Maybe my brain has a hard time accepting that really it was all just addiction and stupiditu and there was no benefit to it except feeding the addiction. On to tomorrow and another smoke free day hopefully with less reminicising!

Stay strong everyone