The batlle continues.....

Blog Post created by patrick9 on Jun 19, 2018

Hi all,  Ive been reading through this forum and found some amazing resouces and support tips from ex smokers. Unfortunately, this  is an ongoing battle ive faced throughout my life against the nicotine monster. 


Last year was my longest quit I was over 8 months clean and made the stupid decision to have one while I was drinking. In fact I manged to fool myself that I was in control so I would just have a few every weekend or every fortnight depending on when i was out socializing and drinking. 


Well this led to me being back to my pack a day habit and going though multiple short term quits. I had smoked for almost 20 years and could never quit longer than 2 weeks, Now I find it relatively easy to quit, my problem is staying quit. 


Id love to hear from others who have similar experience or can offer some guidance as to how to not mess up a quit 1 or 2 months in. Maybe I tell myself oh i know i can quit so i make foolish decisions forgetting that its not as easy as i tell myself. 


My downfall always seems to be when drinking alcohol, theres such such years of association and so many friends who smoke when drinking. I always cut back on drinking early in my quit to get though the first few weeks without the trigger but am I supposed to never have alcohol again to keep my quit going. Its frustrating that I seem to be able to do the hard work of quitting but cant get over the smoking identity I have to remain a long term non-smoker. 


Anyways Im 17 days in cold turkey again, and it always seems to help when i just take it one day at a time but i still worry what will hapeen down the line based on my past quits. I hope someone has some input and thank you to all the wonderful people on here who proivde such amazing encouragement and inspiration!