Made it!

Blog Post created by paradox55 on Oct 22, 2019

One whole year since the last cigarette! I guess I should be proud but it was just too easy. Not one bad day, not one craving, no weight gain, no bad anything. Not sure how I got this lucky, since I smoked heavily for over 40 years.

I don't come here that often anymore, as I have nothing to offer in way of support. I can only wish that everyone could have the same experience that I did, but I don't know of anything special that I did other than reading everything I could on how to quit successfully (all on this site), preparing for the hard times (that never came), and probably the most important (????), using Chantix for about 45 days. 


Good luck to all those who are in all the different stages of their quit. My admiration goes out to those who are struggling, but still refuse to give up. I doubt I could have been as strong.