It's been over a month now!

Blog Post created by paradox55 on Nov 24, 2018

Quit on October 20th and still going strong, and some more random thoughts:

   I thought something was wrong with me at first when I really didn't notice the smell of cigarettes on my husband or in my car...but this last week has changed all of that. My car reeks (gotta do something about that), my husband stinks, last year's winter coat get the picture. 

   My daughter is expecting her second child and she'll need help transporting my grandson to daycare. He was not allowed in my car because of the cigarette odor, but now I'll be able to help the new parents.

   Hubby goes to the doctor Monday for annual physical, he's thinking about asking for Chantix. I'm not sure he's fully committed to quitting, but THINKING about it is one step further than before.

   Gained a half pound this past week. I'm sure it was the holiday and nothing to do with the quit. I'm trying to control any binge eating urges, and have been successful as they are far and few between. Had 20 family members for Thanksgiving dinner, not so many leftovers this year.

   I love my morning cup of coffee but it started tasting terrible in the last two weeks. It was like drinking a hot cup of sugar- needed to cut out the artificial sugar and just do cream. It tastes better but still not quite the same. It's about the only thing that has changed, taste-wise. 

   Adding a large addition to the house starting in the new year. My kitchen is from the 1950's and too small for my growing family. Hoping things will go smoothly but I won't have a kitchen for 3-4 months. It will be quite a challenge finding innovative ways to cook. Also hoping the stress level will not be enough to test my quit. I'm rather enjoying the smooth sailing so far.