7th DOF- some thoughts

Blog Post created by paradox55 on Oct 27, 2018

   Today it's been a week since I last smoked, but my journey began a few months back. When I finally made up my mind to quit, I did months of research, looking for help and advice. My research eventually led me to this site. I immediately knew I found something special- a place where I could find anything I was looking for, people who would understand what I was going through, people who could help and guide me as I progressed. And maybe even in time I could do the same for others.

   As I read some of the blogs in the beginning, I was sometimes horrified at the lack of understanding and sympathy some writers displayed. One that I remember distinctly was the notion that if we slip up when life throws us a vicious curve ball, we use it as an EXCUSE to smoke, when we should call it as it is, a DECISION that we made to pick up that cigarette. I thought this was unnecessarily harsh- what better reason the smoke if not too deal with a situation that smoking would make easier to get through? I went back and reread this blog several times (I really need to find it again), and finally began to understand what the writer was saying. It now makes perfect sense and I so hope that I remember this lesson as I continue.

   I also am aware that even ONE cigarette after quitting is never the last one. We, as addicts, cannot handle it...ever! I will live by NOPE always.

   Thanks to this site and a wonderful group of ex-smokers, I carefully logged what I thought were my smoking triggers and planned alternate things to do to compensate.

   I feel so well prepared this time. I continue looking for helpful hints every day- I have sailed through my first week with no problems at all. As much as I wish this would continue, I believe I am strong enough to face any hardships if and when they arise.


I love, love, love this site! A big thank you to all who have advised and welcomed me in my short time here.