Quitting Progress

Blog Post created by paradox55 on Oct 26, 2018

   This is my first blog, so by way of introducing myself I am a 62 year old woman who has a 44 year cigarette habit. I've tried many times in the past to quit, but could not conquer the cravings or the loss of temper by quitting cold turkey.

   So today is my 6th day quit. I knew I did not have the strength of will to do it cold turkey, so I opted for some medicinal help. I set my quit day 2 weeks after starting the medicine, but I think I could have quit after the first week. Cigarettes started tasting quite awful, and I realized that I was smoking more out of habit than nicotine cravings.

   I have had absolutely NO cravings so far. I have had some minor side effects that I find not too difficult to deal with (insomnia, digestive issues, weird dreams) Even those seem to be lessening over time. I still find myself getting up to go outside to smoke from time to time, especially after a meal. Old habits are truly hard to break! 

   My husband is a smoker who is not ready to quit yet, but is extremely supportive in my efforts. I never want to smoke another cigarette, and am a bit nervous about coming off the medicine in a couple months. Will try post any updates to my progress.


6 days!