Back to work!

Blog Post created by paigemcq on Oct 30, 2017

I am so glad it's Monday!  I made it through the weekend (quit days three and four) and didn't give in!  I used the irritation and "lost" feelings and super cleaned my place. I finished crocheting a blanket. I made it through a family tiff AND a crowded Halloween gathering for my son and fought the urge to "escape" for a smoke.  What I'm doing now is truly the escape--from that awful addiction.  


At work, I have a coworker on my side. She congratulates me for every small step, and it's worth more than I can ever thank her for. And she makes sure I don't leave for lunch-- when I'm most tempted to go buy a pack.  Though today I'm feeling more capable of holding myself accountable.  


Super plus-- I have a quit smoking class after work!  (Yes, I am probably the only one in this class- that's required by the insurance plan- who is excited to be there)  I am so glad I coordinated my doctors visit, these classes, and my quit date together.  Joining this supportive community is also really helpful-- you guys rock! 


Today, this week, this month, this year, this LIFE, I got this.