I Survived Paris

Blog Post created by noknowingwhereweregoing on Oct 2, 2018

Hi all! Been a long time but I’m still smoke free. 144 days without a cigarette. In the time since I left I have gotten a promotion, decided to move across the country and gone on vacation to Paris. Paris was a doozy !! I really wanted to smoke and considered it for the first time in a long time. It’s amazing I didn’t slip! I’m grateful my husband who still smokes actually encouraged me not to slip and applauded how long I have not smoked. I also am proud of myself for making it. 


Grateful to say “I don’t smoke” when asked for a cigarette on the street. 


Grateful to not worry about how I smell at work. 


Grateful to afford a trip trip to Paris! Quitting helped a lot. 


Thanks for reading and if youre struggling DONT GIVE IN!