Day Nine

Blog Post created by noknowingwhereweregoing on May 20, 2018

Midnight marks the beginning of day nine for me. Here I am! 

Last night I went to my first “smober” party. Lots of smokers around but I was smokeless. It felt awesome to have an old friend ask me for a cigarette and remind him I don’t smoke. 

Its gotten so much easier the past three days. It’s unreal!! I’ve forgotten to write my mantras on my arm in sharpie or to blog. It’s a blessing but tonight it worries me. Remembering Allan Carr saying if it’s easy to quit it’s easy to start. I think keeping NOPE in the forefront of my mind is the best idea for me. Maybe writing that on my wrist from now on? I’ve had a recall of temptation to smoke tonight. Fights with the husband can make me remember the ease of escaping with a cigarette. He does it but I don’t need it anymore. It wouldn’t help anymore. That’s the good news. Getting that junk out of my body has been magical. Still getting weird sore throats. And vivid dreams! And super hot feet. Always had cold feet so that’s odd. 


Anyway im grateful. So very grateful. And if you’re reading this- that includes you. You have helped me