2021 - An update

Blog Post created by noetoez on Jan 19, 2021

A big thank you to those who expressed concern for me earlier this month. 19 days in and this year has been rough.


My foot is healing from when I broke it at the end of December. Seems my toe is longer than it ever was before. I keep hitting it on everything. The table leg, everything I drop, my husband, slowly hurting less and less though. Feel like Frankenstein's monster when I walk.


Recovering from COVID. I became sick 1/3. Still not all the way over it. It has been a weird and frightening roller coaster, getting better and then worse again. I have had every symptom except fever. Which is funny, because that is what everyone sticks to. My office has temp check stations for people going in person, many businesses are requiring employees, sometimes customers to temp check before entering. I have had body pain, headaches (like a chicken cracking from my skull), stomach problems, sinus pressure, fluid in my lungs, pain when breathing, loss of smell/taste (weirdest thing ever. It's not that I couldn't smell. I could breathe ok at that point. It was that nothing had a scent.), the whole shebang. No fever.


My childhood best friend's sister passed away. Completely out of the blue, while watching tv with her spouse, 2 weeks shy of her 36th birthday. No official cause yet, the medical examiner is investigating it as a possible stroke. With her heavy smoking, and family history of stroke, it seems most likely. She was 1 week older than me, her oldest daughter is the same age as mine. That's scary.


Last week(?) was my 6 month nicotine free milestone. Now, more than ever, I am grateful for my decision to quit smoking. How much sicker, might I be, if I had not quit? Could I have become a statistic? I will never know. I will never know how much more time I have bought myself to spend with my daughter. But I can be certain, that I have given myself more time. 


Rambled in a direction I didn't totally intend to. Lack of human contact over the last couple weeks did it to me, I guess. Thanks for listening.