700 Smokes

Blog Post created by noetoez on Oct 6, 2020

87 days. My stats page tells me I have avoided 700 cigarettes. 


I went on a family vacation last week. Saw my parents for the first time since February, met my 11 week old niece. Her daddy (my brother) proposed to her mama last week. I felt weird, watching our sister slink off every couple of hours to go smoke, and not going with her. The baby and the engagement were great distractions though. 


Today, I am thinking about smoking. I won't. Not a question. I'm bored. I finished up a lot of things for work prior to vacation so I would not have any worry. And now I am bored. So I am back for a blog. I am not running to the gas station to pick up "supplies" I am not going through the misery of the withdrawals again. I have quit several times before, this time was the most miserable physically. Maybe I needed it to be that way, to ensure I would never slide back. My workload will build back up in a couple days, I won't be bored for long. 


Not One Puff Ever!