Waiting on the vet

Blog Post created by noetoez on Sep 1, 2020

Woke up this morning to the sounds of one of my dogs crying. 


He was fine last night, today he is shaking his head, crying and digging in his ears. And one ear is all red, whether that is because something is wrong or because he is fussing at it, I don't know. Other than the redness, I can't see anything off. I called the vet as soon as they opened, waiting to hear back about getting a same day appointment. I'm sure it's something minor but the poor baby is clearly miserable.


Sitting and waiting for the vet call has me stressed. When will they call? Will they be able to take him today? What is wrong? How much is this going to cost? How long will it take for his ear to stop bothering him? I am not going to smoke about it though.