I can smell everything

Blog Post created by noetoez on Aug 16, 2020

The weather right now does not feel like California. It's 109 degrees and the air is so thick with moisture you can almost chew it. I am no stranger to heat, but the humidity.... I can't hang. Thankful I do not feel the need to go out and smoke in it.


I wish it wasn't so hot. I want to bake cookies or bread, fill my house with the smell of baked goods. Or run loads of laundry for the smell of the dryer and fabric sheets. I took my dog to the groomer this week, I have always liked the smell of the shampoo they use, but this time... he smells so good I sniffed his little head long enough to make him uncomfortable.


It's not that I could not smell anything when I was a smoker, so I did not realize how much of everything's smells I was missing. How much of everything I experienced over the last decade could have been better? What have I missed? Nothing, from here on out!


Unfortunately, not everything smells amazing. I never smoked inside, so I do not have that to contend with, thankfully. My husband had a friend over, and I could smell the cigarettes on him. My husband seems to be under the impression this guy switched to vaping only (is my husband nose blind to cigarettes? Is that why he never called me on my closet smoking?). I didn't say anything about it while he was here, I would not have liked to be put on the spot. Not sure if I should have said something, quietly on the side? But I did clean/Febreze my whole house as soon as he was gone.